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St Petersburg drinks machine key suspect in drugs bust
In the course of a routine raid at the citys Tunnel nightclub, policemen stumbled...

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Army called in to save beer
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Ukrainian emblem smuggler falls foul of Russian protectionism
Russian customs officers have seized a batch of plastic Russian Federation state...

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TATU to run for president...together
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Man dies after winning vodka-drinking competition
A vodka-drinking competition in a southern Russian town ended in tragedy with...


Chechen war continues in Moscow suburb
Two Chechens picked exactly the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong person...


A Canadian calls for Russian aid
Our 'Only in Russia' section is normally devoted to an individual incident relatively...

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World's oldest person lives in Chechnya
The world's oldest person lives in Chechnya. Zabani Khachukayeva, who turned...

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Fish-sniffing cat helps Russia battle smugglers
Move over bomb-sniffing dogs, here comes Rusik, the fish-sniffing cat!

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Down the hatch!
A most unusual episode from the criminal underworld took place in the village...


Moscow policemen jailed for rape and robbery
A Moscow police officer has been sentenced for raping the friend of a murderer...

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Meat factory fined for diminishing parliaments authority
The Antitrust Ministry has imposed the hefty fine of 400 minimum wages on the...

Chechen war continues in Moscow suburb

Two Chechens picked exactly the wrong time, the wrong place and the wrong person for their attempted heist on a cash exchange near Moscow on Wednesday.

21-year-old cash in transit officer Andrei Kotenkov, having recently returned from Chechnya where he did his military service, also receiving a medal for courage, did not hesitate in returning fire on the Chechen robber who had shot his colleague whilst trying to rob the exchange office they had just collected the takings from in Istra near Moscow.

The failed heist on the exchange office in Istra occurred at 20h00 on Wednesday evening, when the security officers were collecting the days takings. As the 45-year-old cash collector was returning to the security van, a young man of southern appearance fired at him three times, hitting him once in the shoulder, and lightly wounding him in the neck. The veteran Kotenkov fired back, as the robber turned and ran towards the car where his partner in crime was waiting for him. However he was not quite as lucky as the security officer, as the bullet hit him squarely in the back.

The police were immediately informed of the incident, and quite amazingly the operation to apprehend the second criminal was successful, as several minutes after the attack traffic police stopped the car at a check point after seeing the vehicles description on the wanted list. The driver was apparently driving slowly along the road looking for his wounded friend.

Both of the robbers were natives of Grozny, and local investigators have serious grounds for the assumption that one of the criminals fought against federal troops in Chechnya. Investigators are also looking into the possibility that the two may have been involved in other armed attacks on exchange offices in Moscow region.

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