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Down the hatch!
A most unusual episode from the criminal underworld took place in the village...


Moscow policemen jailed for rape and robbery
A Moscow police officer has been sentenced for raping the friend of a murderer...

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Meat factory fined for diminishing parliaments authority
The Antitrust Ministry has imposed the hefty fine of 400 minimum wages on the...

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Flat turns morgue, turns shop, turns grave
A very unusual murder case took place in Moscow recently. It would have resembled...

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'Blast from the past' discovered in time
Bomb disposal experts in the west of Russia have removed a powerful explosive...

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Siberian prisoner cuts his sentence
An inmate has committed suicide by beheading himself in a penal colony in Krasnoyarsk...

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Tramp survives 3-week 'eau de toilette' ordeal
A woman has been rescued after a three-week ordeal in a sewer. The homeless...


Russian police start witch-hunt...literally
In an already crime-ridden country, Russias Interior Ministry has identified...

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Everything falls into place in Moscow murder case
Evidence given by a policeman who happened to be an involuntary witness to a...


Jail-birds of a feather
Three residents of Russias internal republic of Chuvashia identical triplets...


Fishy coffin seized in South Russia
Smugglers from Russias Far East city of Khabarovsk have resorted to ever more...

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Officer sentenced for 'night maneuvers' with latex weapon
A company commander has received a two-year suspended sentence after a military...

Officer sentenced for 'night maneuvers' with latex weapon

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A company commander has received a two-year suspended sentence after a military court in the Urals industrial centre of Yekaterinburg found him guilty of battering his subordinates with a ''black latex baton shaped like a male sex organ''. The soldiers, however, said at the hearing that the commander ''only hit them lightly''.

The story of the captain came to light after Private Ruslan Machnev deserted from the units base in the town of Verkhnyaya Pyshma taking his assault rifle with him He had already served 14 months of his 24-month national service and was therefore one of the more privileged grandfathers who are not subject to bullying. He was found a short time later, sleeping in the stairwell of a Yekaterinburg apartment block, embracing his gun.

The military prosecutors intended to charge Private Machnev with desertion, but the soldier said that he had fled after being unable to put up with the relentless taunting that the company commander Captain Damir Ilyasov directed at him. The prosecutors checked the soldiers claims, which turned out to be true.

Instead of the deserter, the prosecutors instigated a case against his commander, who was charged with ''taunting, with the use of force''. A total of 11 soldiers were named in the aggrieved party and light was shed on some unusual details.

It turned out that the captain carried out so-called ''night formations'' in his unit waking the soldiers at night and lining them up to check their uniforms. Those who were not looking after their uniforms properly were beaten with the aforementioned ''black latex baton'' The court materials said that Ilyasov had bought it in a sex shop, without specifying whether punishing his men was the only reason for the acquisition.

In court, the captain pleaded guilty and said he was sorry for what had happened. The beaten soldiers spoke in defence of their commander and recounted his merits as an officer and as a man. It turned out that many of them thought that the court was actually considering the deserters case and not the commanders, so the soldiers told the court that they were not battered the officer simply ''delivered light strikes'' with you know what.

As for the deserter Machnev, his comrades somewhat harshly noted that ''a real man must take the hardships of military service with patience''.

Nevertheless, the court gave Ilyasov a two-year suspended sentence, considering that the officer had to provide for his two young children. Ilyasov was also stripped of his officers rank and removed from his post.

Private Ruslan Machnev was transferred to another military unit where he will finish his service.

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