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On the situation with traditional brands of Russian vodka: Stolichnaya, Moskovskaya and others. The History of reorganization of All Union Association Soyuzplodoimport.

  • All Union Association Soyuzplodoimport was established in 1966 with the objective to conduct export and import operations with food items and raw materials for their production. On the international market, Soyuzplodoimport acted in capacity of the largest importer of cocoa beans, tea, coffee, spices, fresh and reprocessed fruits and vegetables, vines and vine materials. It also exported vodka, mainly Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya brands.

  • In 1987, Soyuzplodoimport went under control of USSR State Agro-Indusrial Committee, and later under Council of Ministers State Commission on food and purchases.

  • January 5, 1990,Soyuzplodoimport was re-registered as the State run All Union Foreign Trade Association (AU FTA) Soyuzplodoimport.

  • September 5, 1991, founding conference announced establishment of the Foreign Trade Joint Stock Company Soyuzplodoimport.

  • January 20, 1992, Soyuzplodoimport was registered as a Joint Stock Company with authorized capital of 17 000,000 RR. Among 51 founders were representatives of AU FTA Soyuzplodoimport, with a share of 28,47 % from authorized capital. The Charter of JSC Soyuzplodoimport stated that given enterprise is an assignee to former AU FTA Soyuzplodoimport. The deed was completely illegal, because due procedures did not take place.

  • June 3, 1993, the meeting of shareholders of JSC Soyuzplodoimport annulated membership of AU FTA in the Board, the shares were transferred to co-operative enterprise Implod established on the base of Au FTA. Simultaneously, authorized capital of JSC Soyuzplodoimport got up to 49 000,000 RR. Implods share comprised 38,4 %. The new Charter with all the changes reflected was registered on 09/22/1993.

  • Each newly registered Charter of JSC Soyuzplodoimport stated that JSC is an assignee to AU FTA (illegally, as mentioned above). YET, AU FTA Soyuzplodoimport still remained its status of a legal entity. Not privatized, Association was considered to be the State run enterprise. The procedure of establishing JSC Soyuzplodoimport and its legal papers confirm that the whole process was conducted in strict contradictions with acting legislation.

  • As of 05/06/1994, Rospatent registered legal rights on a number of vodka brands, including Stolichnaya and Moskovskaya, with JSC Soyuzplodoimport.

  • On 06/26/1996, JSC is re-registered as Close JSC Soyuzplodoimport.

  • In April 1997, Close JSC got new owners. They (Yu. Schefler, A. Skurikhin and others), made every effort to gradually liquidate Soyuzplodoimport. In a very short period of time, the following steps were taken: - 10/27/1997: registration of a new independent enterprise with a closely similar name JSC Soyuzplodimport with the only letter o being omitted. According to the agreement on concession of trademarks as of 12/26/1997, Close JSC sells its rights on the brands mentioned to JSC Soyuzplodoimport for 1,700,000 RR. 01/09/1998 Rospatent registers the trademarks with JSC Soyuzplodimport. - 02/08/2000 Close JSC Soyuzplodoimport changes its name and legal status to JSC Plodovaya Company.

  • In April 2001, RF Ministry of Agriculture decided to go on with activities of the State run AU FTA Soyuzplodoimport. Legal status of the enterprise was put in conformity with the legislation, and Moscow Chamber of Registration registered the fact. As of now, AU FTA represents Federal State Unitary Enterprise Foreign Trade Association Soyuzplodoimport (FTA Soyuzplodoimport).

  • After consideration of the case in a court of first instance (as of 10/16/2001), Presidium of RF Supreme Arbitral Court ruled that JSC Plodovaya Company is no longer an assignee to AU FTA Soyuzplodoimport. According to this judgment, clause 2 of the Charter of JSC Plodovaya Company was declared ineffective.

  • 10/26/2001, basing on decree of RF Supreme Arbitral Court, Rospatent re-registered 43 brands of original Russian vodkas and liquors with RF Ministry of Agriculture

  • 11/02/2001 Rospatent returned JSC Soyuzplodoimport 26 of 43 trademarks, reasoning that those were registered after 1991, i.e. after All Russia JSC Soyuzplodoimport had been established. However, being derivatives from the rest 17, these 26 brands are either identical or confusingly close to the trademarks registered with RF Ministry of Agriculture.

  • To make use, on behalf of State, of these trademarks and to organize export activities, RF Government in Decree 1741-p as of 12/29/2001, established Federal State Enterprise Soyuzplodoimport (FSE Soyuzplodoimport).

  • 04/09/2002, Moscow Chamber of Registration in compliance with RF Government Decree, registered Federal State Enterprise Soyuzplodoimport (FSE Soyuzplodoimport).

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