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Shot Chechen Boy Made Hero Of Russia

: Combined Report - Gazeta.Ru, Kommersant Daily  

15-year-old Chechen boy Magomed Tashukhadzhiyev has been made a Hero of Russia post mortem. Magomed was killed by a Chechen rebel warlord who murdered his father in front of the boys eyes. Magomed Tashukhadzhiyev died on July 28 this year. In Monday Vladimir Putin invited his mother Raisa and his younger brother Islam to the Kremlin for tea.

On the night of July 23rd four rebel gunmen broke into the home of senior police officer Saidi Tashukhadzhiyev. At the time Tashukhadzhiyevs close friend, deputy chief of the Zavodskoi district police department Rasul Khabuseyev was visiting.

The gunmen shot both policemen immediately.

The rebels were about to leave when suddenly more shooting followed. Magomed, Saidi Tashukhadzhiyevs 15-year-old son had grabbed his fathers sub-machine-gun and opened fire on them killing the leader and wounding the others. Magomeds younger brother Islam followed his older brothers example and opened fire with his fathers pistol.

The three rebels who had survived returned fire, wounding Magomed and then fled.

The three gunmen were later captured by the military during a routine clean up operation in the area. They had all been heavily wounded and were sent to hospital, but none of them survived.

As for the man who Magomed Tashukhadzhiyev killed in his own home, his identity was established the next day. To everybodys surprise, it turned out to be Magomed Tsagarayev, an infamous Chechen warlord who gained notoriety by kidnapping and carting out terrorist attacks. He had long been on the federal wanted list.

A few days after the attack the policemans courageous son died from gun wounds in hospital. He passed away in the arms of his younger brother Islam on July 28.

The same day President Vladimir Putin awarded Magomed Tashukhadzhiyev the star of Hero of Russia.

The nation learned the whole story from numerous media reports. However, the military stubbornly insisted that the rebel warlord Tsagarayev had been killed by federals during a successful thoroughly planned special operation.

Half a year after the deaths of Saidi and Magomed Tashukhadzhiyev, Kremlin officials remembered their surviving family and on December 17th Raisa and Islam Tashukhadzhiyeva were received by President Putin in the Kremlin. Putin presented Raisa Tashukhadzhiyeva with the golden star of the Hero of Russia for her deceased son Magomed and awarded 12-year-old Islam with the Order of Courage.

Then the president invited the family to have a cup of tea with him. Officials from the Council of Muftis of Russia also attended the tea ceremony.

Most of all this family needs spiritual support, Putin told the clerics.

Interior Minister Boris Gryzlov inquired about the familys safety. The problem is that Islam together with his deceased brother killed four Chechens whose relatives, in line with the Chechen tradition of the blood vendetta, could seek revenge.

For Islams safety, his mother and he have moved away from Chechnya to another Russian region where he has been admitted to a military school. The Tashukhadzhiyevas new place of abode is being kept secret even from their close relatives.

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